• Chaim Levin

Urgent Baltimore Jewish Community Safety Alert!

Updated: Nov 13, 2017

Baltimore public safety announcement! Rabbi Shmuel Krawatsky aka Rabbi K, a current teacher at Beth Tfiloh and Youth Director at Suburban Orthodox is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS! He is alleged to have inflicted severe harm on multiple children.

Please share widely and keep your children safe from this person!

More details about this case will be forthcoming but I feel obligated to go on record and say that not only have many ‘good people’ and ‘good organizations’ known about this dangerous man, but they actively did NOTHING. The organizations that you rely on to protect your children completely messed up this case and failed the parents of these victims on every level possible.

If you have any info on Rabbi K or believe your son was harmed by him, please contact Baltimore PD asap!

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